FOR THE WASHINGTON POST | “How mothers can be changemakers, at home and in the community For Angela Garbes, the pandemic served as a revelation: Stuck at home with her husband and two daughters, cut off from social connections, enraged by the injustices dominating the news, she realized that the one place she could make a difference was there, raising her children. Giving them the knowledge, values and strength they would need as adults. And writing a book to spread the word.

Playwright-Performer Sarah Jones (And Company) Talk Trump’s First Hundred Days: BUST Interview

Playwright-performer Sarah Jones “plays with the spaces between” questions about self-creation for her one-woman shows, Surface Transit (2000), Tony award-winning Bridge & Tunnel (2004, produced by Meryl Streep), and Sell/Buy/Date (2016). Jones slips seamlessly into character during her shows, donning their props and accents: elderly Jewish Lorraine; soft-spoken Lakota Gary; fast-talking feminist Bella; and many others. Read more here.

FOR INKLETTE MAG: Tell Me When the Ocean Will Begin

The light in the room is a dim, dark blue. Shadowy people crowd around the bed where I am lying naked on my side, but they are without definition: a busy, blurry hoard.

I don’t feel my skin. I’m not aware that I am crying, though I have been almost continuously since the morning before, when my midwife said that if I went home, my baby would die. Continue reading here.

FOR LUNCH TICKET: Monstera Deliciosa Variegata: Grief and the Search for a Rare Houseplant

“Once you discovered the plant community on Instagram, your relationship with your phone changed. I would wake, roll towards you, and your face would be bathed in blue. Giant-leafed elephant ears. Succulents of all kinds in terrariums, in tiny clay pots, in boxes built into walls. Ferns. Greenery blinked by with the flick of your thumb.” Continue reading here.

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