I write essays and book reviews, news stories and short stories. An encounter with Jesus Christ’s Instagram account can be the spark, or the depictions of Black and trans characters in a new (much lauded) book. A line of thought can unexpectedly link the protests in Charlottesville with the advent of the total solar eclipse of 2017.

I’ve been a fellow with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (2018), a Fulbright Scholar to Sri Lanka (2019-20), and have participated in the LA Review of Books Publishing Workshop (2022). I have a Master of Journalism degree from UC Berkeley (2019) and a Master of Comparative Literature degree from UC Irvine (2022).

I finished my first novel, FIRST IS DARKNESS, in the summer of 2022. The full manuscript is currently being considered by several agents, and I’m hoping to be offered representation soon! My writing has won awards and been featured on “Best of” lists, but really, what matters most to me is what’s to come, and the day-to-day wonders: observing my child learn to move their body in new ways, recognize colors, and count their stuffed animals (“8-9-3-5”); learning about cyanotype processing and dreaming up series; writing the second (!) book.

Here‘s a playlist I’ve honed over the last ten years that I consistently stop and close my eyes while listening to; hope it can help you find those peaceful moments, too. If you’re also a writer, or if you’ve read something of mine, or if you’d like to read something, or if you just want to talk (!), please get in touch with me: sehoenicke [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks for visiting!

I recently returned to Twitter (mostly to look at query stats!). You can find me there: @hoenickesarah.