Finding New Voices: An interview with John Freeman

Photo: Deborah Treisman

by Sarah Hoenicke, for Necessary Fiction

Photo: Deborah Treisman
Photo: Deborah Treisman

John Freeman’s writing and criticism have appeared in many publications across the world. He served as Editor-in-Chief at Granta and was president of the National Book Critics Circle. His most recent project is Freeman’s, a themed biannual literary anthology-meets-journal. The second issue, Freeman’s: Family, is available now.

Freeman’s main aim is bringing in voices not usually heard. He says we all can help: “The obstacles that are faced in life by writers of color and by women are so big they require massive movements of social change. But we can do a lot of good with very little effort as editors and writers, just by asking questions. If you have a friend who lives somewhere else, ask, ‘Who should I be reading?’”

This interview took place in Berkeley, California on Sunday, June 5th.

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